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Simon Burnett

Simon Burnett

Co-Founder and Director

Linked InSimon’s career in the parking sector started in 1992. Over the years he has been responsible for the overall direction and management of 30+ car park sites (both leasehold and management agreements) in central London and the UK. Committed to high standards, with a keen business mind, Simon has helped Parking Professionals to build their enviable reputation for achieving record levels of space utilisation and hence revenue. Simon’s experience and track record for success makes him a sought after consultant in the parking industry and a huge asset to the business.

Angus BurnettAngus Burnett

Co-Founder and Director

Linked InAngus joined the parking industry in 1996, helping his brother to build a successful car park business, as well as taking primary responsibility for building and managing day-to-day a self storage operation. This business operated six facilities at major sites in Central London and the South East as well as locations within our managed car parks – allowing additional revenue generation. Angus is now focused on growing the Parking Professionals business and brand and working closely with our valued existing customers.

Philip WattsPhilip Watts


Philip Watts began his career as a National newspaper journalist before working for TSB, where he directed the Group’s marketing with an annual £25m budget. He was also responsible for creating a highly successful promotion, which achieved a record 5m share applications. Philip is now Director of a number of successful companies and formerly was part-owner of TMP – Traffic Management Products Limited. His marketing and business knowledge makes him a huge asset to the team.

About The Parking Professionals

Whether you’re looking for secure car storage, indoor motorbike storage, convenient car parking or support with your own car parking business, Parking Professionals can help you. With over 25 years in the parking industry and experience of running central London parking sites, especially parking in SW3, W2, W1, and SW1 areas and throughout the UK, we’re able to promise and deliver the very best parking solutions for you.

Parking Professionals Story…

 Angus and Simon showed their entrepreneurial streak at a young age. Their first business venture started when Simon, the older of the two, was at University and he came up with the idea of delivering Christmas trees. Their plan was to purchase Christmas trees from their home town in West Sussex and bring them up to London to sell to the large properties in Chelsea, Belgravia and Notting Hill. Throughout the Christmas season you’d see them charging around the wealthier areas of London, in a battered old blue Nissan pick-up they had borrowed, delivering the trees they had sold. It wasn’t easy but it was successful and started them on their entrepreneurial journey.

A few years later they heard about a disused site in Islington that would be ideal for car parking. They borrowed £10,000 from their mother to put down a layer of hardcore and rent a kiosk. Soon after the gates of their first car park were opened… and they took a grand total of £8.50 on the first day! It became clear that at that rate it would take a very long time to pay back the money, but with a bit of hard work and some smart thinking things improved and the business soon took off.

In order to make the car parks work as hard as possible for them, the guys teamed up with a designer, Andy Speechley, to work on a means of getting two cars into one space. Duplicating their profit margins without compromising on quality and making their car park a huge success.

From these humble beginnings the business grew to include 10 car parks, a petrol filling station that shifted over 4 million litres a year, 5 self storage operations … and a scooter shop in Chelsea!

Now the Parking Professionals team manage and run car parks in Central London, as well as consulting and mentoring other car parking companies throughout the UK.