Dedicated Car Storage with Allocated Spaces


Car Storage

Secure car storage
in Bayswater, London

The Colonnades Car Park, Bayswater, W2 6BH

It’s vital that you are 100% happy that your car is well looked after whilst you are not driving it. You need car storage that is clean, dry, well-lit and very secure – and managed 24 hours per day

Our car storage is situated in the heart of Bayswater and we have a dedicated car storage area with allocated spaces and which is not accessible to the general public, so your car will be stored in a totally secure environment.  We have digital CCTVANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition software) and PIN controlled access via a roller shutter door to the dedicated car storage area.

Car storage in Colonnades couldn’t be easier.  Simply email us and tell us when you need to store your car.

Car Storage Tariff

TimeCost (£)
4 Weeks£225.00 + VAT
26 Weeks£1389.00 + VAT
52 Weeks£2633.00 + VAT

If you have more than 3 cars to store please call us – we will offer discounts for multiple vehicle storage (subject to availability of course!).

Car Care Programmes

Keeping your car in peak condition is something we can help with. Here’s what we can offer:


If required, we can start your car and run it gently to operating temperature. The gears and clutch are engaged and the vehicle rolled to lubricate the bearings and avoid tyre flat spots.

Monthly tyre check, vehicle roll movement, engine start up and run to operating temperature, depress brake and clutch pedals, engage gears, battery check (charge if necessary) – £5.00 + VAT /week


As above, but every 60 days – £3.00 + VAT/week


We can organise car transportation for you – prices vary depending on drop off location.  Please call us to discuss your transportation requirements in more detail

Email us to discuss your requirement in more detail.

Car Storage

Car Storage at our exclusive and first class car storage location is surprisingly good value for the security and service that you receive.  Car Storage in Bayswater / Queensway or central London car storage in W2 – which ever way you want to describe it, it is a very central location, secure and professionally run to make sure your vehicle is looked after and you have peace of mind.

Car Covers

We recommend use of car covers if you are storing for longer than a month. As agents for Classic Car Covers we can supply:

Soft Indoor Car Covers – Ideal for interior use, double brushed for softness in a poly-cotton material which breathes naturally preventing moisture being trapped between car and cover. The covers are treated on the outside to give damp protection and have zips allow for easy access to doors. The cover is also elasticated front and rear with a tie down cord. Prices start at £80 plus VAT.

Custom Made Indoor Car Covers – Hand tailored to fit the contours of each individual car, to protect and preserve the body from dampness, scrapes and knocks. These covers are fully breathable with elasticated pockets for the mirrors. A choice of colours is available as well as for the piping. Prices start at £230 plus VAT.