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Over 35 Years Operating Car Parks

Are you looking for consultants to help you improve your car park business? Here at Parking Professionals we have over 35 years’ experience operating car parks in the UK, from temporary “pop up” car parks, multi story shopping centre car parks and even exclusive concierge car parks. Whether you’re looking to increase your profit margins, solve management problems or grow and expand, we’ll advise you and support you in making the right changes to fully optimise the performance of your car park assets.

Car Park Design

Providing you with advise on the most efficient layout of your car park. This can include:

  • bay sizes
  • car stacker technology (2 cars into 1 space)
  • lighting schemes
  • signage
  • structural finishes
  • automated parking systems

What We Can Do For You

Whatever your objective, the first place to start is with a comprehensive car park evaluation. We’ll get under the bonnet of your business and provide you with a full analysis and evaluation of your existing operational and financial procedures. Pinpointing any problem areas and highlighting your key opportunities for growth. Once you fully understand where you are now, we can create a progress plan to move you towards your goals.

Driving Profit & Increasing Your Bottom Line

Carrying out a detailed parking tariff analysis and creating a financial modelling plan will help us to maximise the financial performance of your car park. Using our extensive operational experience, we’ll be able to accurately produce forecasts for both your new and existing projects. This allows you to make informed decisions and optimise the value of your asset.

Car Park Design For Optimal Efficiency & Maximum Profit

If you’re looking to boost your profit margins and increase your bottom line, then optimising your car park design can help you. We can advise you on the most efficient layout of your car park, taking into consideration things like the bay sizes, car stacker technology which allows you to fit 2 cars into 1 space, lighting schemes, signage, structural finishes and automated parking systems.

Get More Customers With Effective Car Park Marketing

Marketing is essential for any business, but it’s an area often neglected in the car parking industry. If you don’t know how to market your car park effectively then your reliant on word of mouth and sheer luck. If you want to have more control over your turnover and increase your bottom line then you have to learn how to market your business effectively.

Our car park marketing experts will assess your current marketing efforts and provide you with an innovative and bespoke marketing plan, using tried and tested techniques to create a concentrated and targeted marketing campaign.

You can then implement this marketing plan yourself or opt for our complete “done for you” service and we will implement it all for you.

Find The Right Car Park Management Systems

Over the last few years the parking sector has been inundated with new technologies claiming to “revolutionise” your car park business. Here at Parking Professionals we have invested a significant amount of time into keeping up with new innovations, researching them fully so we can assess what value they really bring. Installing parking equipment can be a ‘big ticket’ investment so it’s vital you purchase the right equipment for your project in order to minimise operational issues, down time and provide clear financial reporting. We’ll advise you on the options available to you and help you to choose the system that’s right for you.

Protect Your Business From Fraud & Theft

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your car park, so now it’s time to make sure your investment is protected. Fraud and theft can hit when you least expect it, so it is vital that there are strong financial controls and audit procedures in place. After 35+ years in the industry we have created, tested and refined robust checks and balances to ensure that all your revenue generated is banked and not pocketed by untrustworthy staff. We are fully insured and can offer you a full operational audit and a flexible service to meet your needs.

What Does Our Car Parking Consultancy Cost?

Your car parking business is unique so there is no one size fits all approach. Whether you’re a single site car park or a multi site operation we’ve got the skills, knowledge and advice you need to help you grow your car parking business.

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