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We are often asked, ‘Why should I pay to park in a car park when I can get a permit from the Council cheaper?’

We wanted to outline some of the key benefits of parking in an actual building instead of parking on the street.

Key Benefits of parking in a secure car park

  1. Staff on Site – Perhaps the most important benefit is having a staff member on duty to maintain security.  This does not happen when parking on the street.
  2. Dedicated Space – More often than not, you have your own dedicated parking space.  This does not happen when parking on the street.
  3.  Safe – A car park is private property, so you donโ€™t have random people checking out your vehicle.  This does not happen when parking on the street.
  4. Secure – Parking in a covered space means your car is not open to rain / hail / falling tree branches / mess from birds / scratches from passers-by / dinks from people trying to squeeze in either side of you / etc.  This DOES happen when parking on the street!

Other Benefits

There are other considerations as well as the above key points.  These are:

  1. Personal Security – Feel secure when getting in and out of your vehicle in a well-lit environment.
  2. Location – know where your car is, each and every time!
  3. Awards – our car parks have won the prestigious Safer Mark award with the British Parking Association and The Police.

In short, we believe there are a lot of benefits to paying a bit extra and having the best parking experience for you and your vehicle.

How To Find Us

The Team at Parking Professionals has been providing secure, award-winning parking in Central London since the early 1990s.  In that time we have looked after literally tens of thousands of customers and their cars.  We hope we have learned a thing or two about taking care of your prized possession and we take the parking of your car or motorbike very seriously.

We currently have car parks in Bayswater, Chelsea (Sloane Square), Fulham Broadway, and Nine Elms.

We can also provide car storage and motorbike parking.

Finally, we offer a full car park management and consultancy service.

You can contact us via the website or email us HERE.